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For beginning Ukulele students – learn how to play this sweet instrument using sweet songs! Past songs have included: Singing in the Rain, Beat it, Psycho Killer, The Way You Make Me Feel, Stand by Me, Bad Moon Rising, & Here Comes the Sun. We’ll learn basic strum patterns, basic chords, & how to read chord charts and lead sheets. We always laugh a LOT in this class – the lighthearted spirit of the Uke rules!


Right Hand Techniques for Blossoming Strummers 

For ukulele players who know some chords and strums but want to take it to the next level! In this class we will focus on right hand technique: strums, picking patterns, and general musicality. We'll discuss how to choose strums on your own and will be working with a variety of genres including classic jazz, 60s pop, 80s hits, and current pop. The class will be invited to suggest repertoire for the four weeks following the first session. Past songs have included: Norwegian Wood, Blister in the Sun, Exactly Like You, Firework, & Bad Romance. This class is most rewarding as we grow by leaps and bounds in our ukulele playing - learning to read tablature, practicing the musicality of strumming, and learning how to arrange ourselves!


Note Reading

We will learn how to read music on our ukuleles using a time tested curriculum from Canadian schools: James Hill’s Ukulele in the Classroom Book 1 (purchase here). After taking this class you will be well on your way to reading whatever music your heart desires. Sight reading will become second nature! To train our note reading minds we’ll be learning classical and traditional folk ensemble pieces. Breathtaking and challenging. We will become a chamber group of ukuleles!!

We're Jamming

Jamming Basics: Leading Tunes, Soloing, & Having Fun


Maureen teaches the basics of Jamming including: what makes a good jam song, how to lead a song, how to direct soloists, jamming etiquette, and basic ukulele soloing skills by learning scales and phrasing techniques!  Every class we will have a jam and students are welcome to bring other instrument and to introduce songs to the class.  This class will get you confident to start your own jamming parties!!  or to show up at someone else's jamming party and actually take the lead on a solo or direct a song or two!!  Singing optional but highly encouraged!


Ukulele Orchestra 

Building upon the lessons learned in James Hill's Ukulele in the Classroom Book 1, we will congregate to perform three and four part Ukulele Chamber Orchestra Pieces!  With the powers of our Ukes combined, we will live in joyful harmony!

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